My name is Sylwia  and I am happy you are here. I am the photographer and artist  behind the lens and the one who froze all those moments, stories,  memories, joy and laugh and created art you can admire on my page. 

I was born and raised in Poland and  in 2001 I  made San Diego my new home. I live here with my husband and my 4 year old son who is going through a phase  of "photographer's child syndrome". If you don't know what does it mean, just grab a camera and point it at him when you meet him. Big kudos to talented Olguta  from  Oh My Goddard Photography who used her magic and captured those beautiful family pictures for us. 

Besides my family, photography is the biggest love of my life and it's really hard to see me without my camera  (unless I am sleeping or taking shower). I take camera everywhere, when I travel, when I go for a walk with my family. The camera is always on my dining table ready to take pictures in case my son does something funny, and he is pretty funny little guy. Imagine, he has like million pictures and he is only 4.  My second favorite model is my dog Kaya. We have adopted her last September (2022)  and she is  fun  loving pup that always smiles. She filled out the gap in our hearts after losing our beloved  Kona  in July 2022.

 I love traveling, hiking, basketball, art and spend time with my love ones. Actually the list of things I like is pretty long so I am not going to bore you but if you would like to find out more shoot me an email and we can chat.   I also love animals and would not ignore any homeless pet. I promote #adoptdontshop and  I have been volunteering in SDHS taking pictures of adoptable dogs to help them find forever home. Check my Giving Back Page to see some of these beauties I was lucky to meet.

 Ok, I know you are here for a reason. You are  most likely looking for a photographer.  I am not going to convince you that I am the  photographer for you, you need to decide it yourself.  There is so many talented  photographers out there. Each of them has different style of shooting, different style of editing. Some photographers specialize only in weddings, others in families  or in newborns.  It is extremely important you check their  portfolios and choose the one whose work you like. After all you want them to create memories for you, that's very important. Perhaps you want to print the pictures out and hang them on the wall. You will look at them every day, so it's important they make you happy. 

Please check my portfolio and if you enjoy  start the booking process here  would love working with you!



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